Priority Tooling Solutions, Inc. has been a manufacturer of high quality plastic injection moulds since 1989.



Complete Tool Management

Our molds are micro-managed beginning with part feasibility, mold design and review, through to part approval and final mold function and performance approval at your facility. 

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Toolshop Facilities

Using state-of-the-art equipment, mold repairs, engineering changes and warranty work can be promptly addressed.  We stand behind our tooling.

Priority Performance

When it comes to your tool and mold requirements, Priority Tooling Solutions leads the way with the perfect balance of talent, technology, communication, quality assurance, service, and customer satisfaction.

Global Facilities

PTS has facilities in Canada, US and China.  Having the combined expertise of North American and Asian engineers available, we facilitate and streamline the production of your product through all phases of development.

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With ISO9001:2008 certification through BSI, our quality management system is your assurance of our standard of quality and performance.  All offshore facilities are ISO9001:2008 certified as a minimum.

Customer Specific Requirements

Our tools are built to the highest standards and are customized to meet or exceed every standard required by the customer.